We collect all the interesting things for you in our blog. is converter for E-Books

For user convenience, we have distinguish a new service for converting electronic books. Why did we do this? The current site is outdated and requires substantial processing, but we do not want to break down what works. On the new site, various settings have been added for conversion (author, title, type of reader, source encoding) … is converter for E-Books Read More »


Site icon (favicon.ico)

Creating an icon using our online service is the easiest way. Simply select the file and set size and service will form the format and size.


Online HEIC to JPEG Converter

The new function of our image converter is the conversion from HEIC to JPEG. Based on the results of the conversion, we saw that users began to try to convert from a new format HEIF/HEIC (this format is associated with the release of a new firmware iOS 11).


EPUB to MOBI. How to convert.

Many Kindle users have to face the need to convert files from EPUB to MOBI. For these purposes, we wrote a small manual about how you can get the format you need. Using the Calibre One of the top applications for working with e-books is Calibre. It is completely free and you can use it …

EPUB to MOBI. How to convert. Read More »


JPG to PDF Converter for Android

Imagine that you decided to develop an application for converting from JPG, BMP, WEBP and PNG to PDF, which you think is useful for users, and developed it. It’s a good function and sometimes useful, but what for? For example, sometimes banks ask for PDF instead of pictures and you have to try to collect …

JPG to PDF Converter for Android Read More »

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