Online HEIC to JPEG Converter

Based on the results of the conversion, we saw that users began to try to convert from a new format HEIC (this format is associated with the release of a new firmware iOS 11). This step from Apple made it difficult for users to share pictures, since most older devices will not support the new format.

We understand that it is urgent to begin supporting the HEIC format. And allow it to be converted to any common format, for example JPEG. Now our image converter supports and converts from HEIC to JPEG, and you can convert it to other available formats.

About the HEIC format

Images in the HEIC format represent a whole container with information. We are all used to the fact that JPEG stores only a picture in itself, while HEIC can contain both a single image and several separate images or a sequence of images, while it can be applied compression with loss of quality, or compression without loss, except this format can contain audio or text information along with images. Metadata is also recorded, for example, EXIF ​​(as in JPEG), and editing data (rotation, overlay, cropping).

Of course this is all cool, and if it goes to the masses it will be more convenient for everyone, and we will try to help in the conversion from HEIC to JPEG, if suddenly there is not a suitable program or device nearby.

And what if I have Android?

If you want to convert directly from your phone, we recommend that you use our Image Converter application, with it you can convert several pictures without any problems.

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