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Updating frames: 500 ms. (2 fps)

Width: 0 pixels

Height: 0 pixels

Quality: 50% (0 - the minimum size and quality, 100 - the maximum size and quality)

Loop: 0 (0 - infinitely)

If the width and height are 0, then the video size will be calculated based on the images. If you set only the height or width - the second parameter will be calculated automatically, based on the proportions.

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​How to create GIF (video animation) from images?

What can I do with this GIF maker?

You can make videos from photos that you have, create your own animations from your own creative drawings or images, or glue together the frames that you extracted from the video. Limitless possibilities! Our service will help you to create a video from images without any restrictions.

What image formats can I upload?

Currently, images in PNG, JPEG and GIF formats are supported.

Can I make GIF animation from a video?

Yes, you can make a GIF animation from a video, but on another page: "Convert video to GIF".

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