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This online vector converter is built by tying together open-source components such as Autotrace, ImageMagick, and various unix and linux image-processing components.

If you are on this page, most likely you know why you need to translate a bitmap image into a vector image and describe the differences in these formats does not make sense, therefore, I will give a few recommendations:
Do not use tracing for photos, most likely the result will disappoint you.

The result is best preserved in simple formats, such as SVG. In the future, you can easily convert it to other formats.

If the result does not satisfy you, experiment with the settings.

Vector my image

  • Select vector formats SVG, AI, PDF and other formats:
    Select vector format
  • Set setting if you know or keep default;
  • Add your files;
  • Wait while the server processes your images and download the results after end.
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