Site icon (favicon.ico)

The site icon (favicon.ico) is an image in the form of a sign, it is displayed in the browser of any Internet user. They call it and in another way - a favicon - it went like this, from shortening two words, an icon and a favorite, which later became known as the selected icon. The image can be seen before the site address, displayed in tabs and bookmarks and in the address bar. If you do not add this icon, then the browser icon will take its place, which is not good, as it spoils the external beauty of the site. Also, a phavicon can be displayed and search engines, before the name and description of the site. With that, where the icon is located and what it is sorted out, the next stage is the creation itself.

There are numerous ways to create icons

  • Creating an icon using our online service is the easiest way. Simply select the file and specify the size of the icon you need and the service will form the format and size.
  • Very popular and programs for creating icons, they also help save time. These programs have a very large range of functions, some can work, not even with one photo or picture, while others boast of a smooth transition of colors and three-dimensional versions of the image.
  • Another option is to create an icon by yourself, that is, using a well-known photoshop or even just Paint.

A few simple rules that will help you when creating a site icon

  • The icon should display the name or essence of the resource, that is, it should give an answer to the question: what is the site about? If the site is corporate or you have a logo - then place it as favicon.ico by preconverting your file into an icon using our service.
  • The size should be standard - it's 16 by 16 or 32 by 32. The best option is to create icons that contain several sizes.
  • To add an icon, you need to drop it on the root of the site, on the server. The easiest way to add is to rename your icon into a file named favicon.ico and the web server will automatically display it on your site.
  • Format for icons is universal this format ico, but there is also support for animation and jpeg files. It should be noted that not all browsers support animation and jpeg, so the best option is the usual icon Do not neglect the addition of icons, because she, is a kind of face of the site, its cover.
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