E-Conv.com is converter for E-Books

For user convenience, we have distinguish a new service for converting electronic books.

Why did we do this?

  • The current site is outdated and requires substantial processing, but we do not want to break down what works.
  • On the new site, various settings have been added for conversion (author, title, type of reader, source encoding) and this is not the end. We will develop it further. And yes - this is a one-page site, you no longer have to click on the links to select formats. You can do everything on one page.
  • We’ve created batch file conversion (you no longer need to add files one by one, just drag them into the file area)
  • We, just like on this site, do not require registrations, emails or money. For you, everything is absolutely free.

Have questions? Email us

By the way, the functionality is about the same as in our application for Android "Ebook Converter", only more and we will be able to update this site more often.

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