Supported RAW format

There are two different types of graphics file formats which correspond to RAW name.

The first type is called RAW file. Such files are used to store graphics data. When trying to view such images, the user should know the size of the RAW file. Otherwise, the image won't be displayed.

If you need to convert RAW to JPG you can use our Image RAW to JPG Converter

The second type is called Photo RAW file. These are the files created by photo cameras in their own proprietary formats. Some believe that such files contain more useful information.

Different camera manufacturers create different RAW file formats. Some manufacturers create different RAW file formats for different models of their cameras. Evidently, this is done due to some technical necessity.

Below is the list of all RAW file formats supported by our program. The list includes camera models which have been tested for compatibility with  Online Image Converter. Photos produced by these cameras in RAW format can be successfully converted with the help of Online Image Converter.

Adobe Digital Negative DNG *.dng
Canon photo RAW CRW *.crw
Canon photo RAW CR2 *.cr2, *.tif
CREO Photo RAW *.mos
FUJI photo RAW *.raf
Kodak Photo RAW *.k25, *.kdc, *.dcr
Logitech Fotoman Pixtura *.pxn
Mamiya photo RAW *.mef
Minolta photo RAW *.mrw
Nikon Electronic format *.nef
Olympus Raw File *.orf
Panasonic photo RAW *.raw
Pentax photo RAW *.pef
PhaseOne photo RAW *.tif
Samsung photo RAW *.tiff, *.tif, *.pef
Sony RAW file *.srf, *.sr2, *.arw
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