NEF (Nikon Electronic)

A file in NEF format (Nikon Electronic format) is data flow from the photosensitive matrix of your camera written without any processing.

NEF contains more information than JPEG or TIFF and is often called digital negative. That's why professional photographers usually prefer NEF to other formats. Besides, many owners of photo cameras store their photo collections in NEF format. This ensures maximal quality of stored photos and lowest possible losses.

If you need to convert NEF to JPG you can use our Image NEF to JPG Converter

Regretfully, there's no uniform standard of NEF-files today. Every model of NIKON photo cameras supports its own subversion of NEF format. This explains the fact why many software manufacturers do not support NEF files.

Online Image Converter supports most variations of this format. This allows you to store your photos with maximal quality.

If you store your photos in NEF format, Online Image Converter allows you to batch-convert images to any popular format when you need to do it.

You may convert a NEF file to a JPEG file to publish your images in Internet. If you want to create a set of small image copies (thumbnails) you may choose GIF or PNG output formats or publishing on the Web.

Use TIF format with LZW compression to prepare your pictures to printing in a photo lab.

Online Image Converter supports NEF subformats of the following NIKON cameras:

  • Nikon D1;
  • Nikon D1H;
  • Nikon D1X;
  • Nikon D100;
  • Nikon D2H;
  • Nikon D2Hs;
  • Nikon D2X;
  • Nikon D2Xs
  • Nikon D40
  • Nikon D50;
  • Nikon D70;
  • Nikon D70s;
  • Nikon D80
  • Nikon D200;
  • Nikon D3
  • Nikon D300
  • Nikon E5000
  • Nikon E5400
  • Nikon E5700
  • Nikon E8400
  • Nikon E8700
  • Nikon E8800
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