PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format)

PDF format (Portable Document Format) can be called a modern version of EPS format. It also contains printer instructions, namely information on fonts, document size and colors used. Files of this format can consist of text and graphics elements, video, sound, embedded fonts, search and document navigation options (hyperlinks and table of contents). So, PDF format can contain not only images, but the whole document with description of its layout, images and colors.

Though not purely graphical, this format is very suitable for distribution of large documents which consist of images with accompanying text. As PDF viewing software is distributed by Adobe and other companies free of charge, many software titles are shipped together with PDF manuals instead of printed ones. This helps software manufacturers save considerable amounts of money on printing of manuals.

Today, many government establishments, corporations and smaller enterprises use this format to manage documents circulation and communication with outer world.

To create files in PDF format you will need an application like Adobe Acrobat which includes Acrobat Distiller. The size of a PDF document is relatively small, as it only contains the code describing the layout and type specifications and not the file itself.

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