BMP, DIB, RLE, RL4, RL8, VGA (Microsoft Windows Bitmap)

Bitmap is a home Windows raster format, which is used practically for all possible raster data storage.

Regardless of the fact that this file format has a settled specification, there are BMP formats of various sorts.

Online Image Converter can read all possible modifications of BMP format.

Online Image Converter can write to Bitmap format with the settings specified below.

Also, Online Image Converter supports huge BMP files. Maximum size of supported file is only limited by resource of 32x bit Windows operating system.

The central failure of BMP format is large size of files saved in this format, as this format uses simple row-wise compression method (RLE) or no compression at all.

Available save to BMP settings:

Color depth, available colors:

  • 1 (mono);
  • 4 (indexed);
  • 8 (indexed);
  • 16 (5:6:5, RGB Hi color);
  • 16 (5:5:5:1, RGB Hi color);
  • 16 (5:5:5:1, RGBA Hi color);
  • 24 (True color);
  • 32 (True color, RGB);
  • 32 (True color, RGBA);

Rows direction:

  • Bottom - Top
  • Top - Bottom

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