PSD converter

PSD – a format developed for Adobe Photoshop multipurpose graphic editor and used for storing and image quality changing by lossless compression.
With the help of free online image converter you can get the result you need – in available PSD format settings you can set up a color depth from 24 up to 64 bit and turn RLS compression on/off.
PSD converter enables to convert various graphic formats, such as: JPG to PSD, EPS to PSD, BMP to PSD and others.
Upload your image you want to convert to PSD:
PSD optional settings Color: bpp
use RLE compression
Resize New size: x pixels, new DPI:
Keeping proportion
We support the following file formats to convert to the PSD format:
  • EPS to PSD
  • PSP to PSD
  • PPT (PowerPoint) to PSD
  • GIF to PSD
  • PNG to PSD
  • DDS to PSD
  • JPG to PSD
  • DCM to PSD
  • PCX to PSD
  • TIFF to PSD
  • PDF to PSD
  • ICO to PSD
  • and more other support image formats